Thursday, 12 April 2012

Lady Snowblood

Lady Snowblood
Lady Snowblood
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A child of pure innocence is born and set upon the crimson path of vengeance. Like her predecessor Lone Wolf and Cub this is a tale of the warrior assassin. With a backdrop set in the land of Nippon/Meiji Era our story tells us of a young woman named Yuki(snow) whose beauty masks her deadliness. Horrible tragedy weighs upon her shoulders and swift retribution is met upon those who cross her assassin's path.The skill she graces her victims with is likened to a slick poisoned needle and her feminine beauty allows her entry into fortresses that would shatter a legion of samurai blades as well as entices men to their death.Her life was chosen before her conception, not the chooser of meifumado(Buddhist path of hell) like her ronin brethren but the conceived child of syura(hell). The name given for her purpose is as much zen balance as Zen Koan-Snow(Birth/Innocence) Blood(Power/Vengeance/Death), Lady Snowblood a title that guides in the intertwining of Revenge and Honor.

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