Monday, 23 April 2012

A Conspiracy of Violence

A Conspiracy of Violence
A Conspiracy of Violence
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Susanna Gregory--creator of the Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew--returns with an enthralling new mystery series set in Restoration London. A must for fans of historical whodunits.

The grim days of Cromwell are past. Charles II is well established at White Hall Palace--his mistress at hand in rooms over the Holbein Bridge, and the heads of regicides on public display. Freed from the strictures of the Protectorate, London seethes with new energy, but many of its citizens have lost their livelihoods. One is Thomas Chaloner, a reluctant spy for the feared Secretary of State, John Thurloe, and now returned from Holland in desperate need of work. His erstwhile employer, knowing that he has many enemies at court, recommends Thomas to Lord Clarendon, but in return demands that Thomas keep him informed of any plot against him.

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