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Mrs Lloyd 01-02

Mrs Lloyd 01-02
Mrs Lloyd 01-02
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01 Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman (Jean Gilpin)

The coming-of-middle-age story a whole generation of women have been waiting for... poised, witty, and emotionally resonant.
For 25 years, Rose Lloyd has juggled marriage, motherhood, and career, with remarkable success. It has been a life of family picnics, books and wine, a cherished house, and her own exquisitely designed garden - sunny and comfortable. But then the carefully managed life to which Rose has become accustomed comes crashing down around her when - over the course of a few days - her marriage and her career both fall apart.
Can Rose, whose anguish is barely softened by the ministrations of friends and grown children with their own problems, ever start over? Not easily. But it's amazing what prolonged reflection, the slimming effect of a lost appetite, a new slant on independence (and a little Parisian lingerie) will do. Especially when an old flame suddenly reappears.
Full of humor, clever insight, and a whimsical sense of the absurd, Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman is an irresistible and finely written fantasy for anyone who ever wondered what a certain age would look like from beyond the looking-glass - and who will find it ripe with promise that the best days are yet to come.

02 The Second Wife (Kate Sachs)

The finale of Revenge of the Middle-Aged Woman left Rose emerging into strength and light. Her life had changed out of recognition but, yet, out of it had emerged positives. A tougher attitude. New friendships. Independence. A clearer sense of self. In her middle years, Rose had found her form.
But what of Minty, the woman who snaffled Rose's husband and her job? Now married to Nathan and the mother of six-year-old twins, she has achieved what many women dream of, the life of a well-to-do Yummy-mummy. Yet, the transition from bright, kitten-esque, sexy office siren to a coddled dependent is not entirely satisfactory. What happens to a contemporary Becky Sharp when she has achieved her objectives?

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