Thursday, 19 April 2012

X-23 Mini Chronology

X-23 Mini Chronology
X-23 Mini Chronology
English | CBR | Collection | 881 Mb

Collection of X-23 series excluding her time with the various X-Teams, much of which are part of major story arcs.
All files are fully tagged with (what I believe to be) the original filenames. Also included are two 'specials' from the NYX Wannabe series, the first one is a collection of covers, the other has some art (Marvel Must-Haves).

Series include:
• NYX - Wannabe (2003)
• Innocence Lost (2005)
• Target X (2007)
• X-23 (2010) (One-Shot)
• X-23 (2010) (Series) (Including Collision crossover with Daken #07-09)
• Avengers Academy (2010) (#23-26 only)
• Captain Universe / X-23 (2005)

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