Saturday, 21 April 2012

Million Dollar Consulting College

Million Dollar Consulting College
Million Dollar Consulting College
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Here we go, one of the most pragmatic management consultants/coaches you'll ever meet or hear: Alan Weiss and his exclusive Million Dollar Consulting College.

IF you don't know him (and you work in consulting, coaching, training, or you are an entrepreneur), shame on you.

But chances are, you already know him and most probably own several of his books too (I do). And you want more. Well, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to our original uploader, we have the Million Dollar Consulting College in its full glory!

What you will learn:

- Create your most dramatic value propositions
- Develop a powerful and memorable brand
- Create phone "scripts" for cold calling situations
- Create a powerful physical and electronic press kit
- Find and identify the true economic buyer faster
- Create a trusting, peer-level relationship with that buyer
- Use language effectively to gain buyer commitment
- Create "bullet proof" proposals
- Implement projects with a minimum of labor intensity
- Expand business constantly and gain referrals continually
- Choose the best legal options for your business
- Protect your intellectual property in the most comprehensive manner
- Choose the best financial alternatives for your practice
- Identify the best Internet marketing strategies and support
- Maximize time efficiency
- Select passive income options, from products to royalties
- Learn how to gain an interview from a press inquiry every time
- Acquire forms and templates to maximize your efficiency
- Improve your life balance, discretionary time, and personal options

And much more.

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