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The Guns of August

The Guns of August
The Guns of August
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The book was an immediate bestseller and was on the New York Times best-seller list for forty-two consecutive weeks. The Pulitzer Prize nomination committee was unable to award it the prize for outstanding history because Joseph Pulitzer's will specifically stated that the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for history must be a book on American history. Instead, Tuchman was given the prize for general non-fiction.

The cover notes of an audio version of The Guns of August, "[President John F. Kennedy] was so impressed by the book, he gave copies to his cabinet and principal military advisors, and commanded them to read it." In One Minute to Midnight on the Cuban Missile Crisis, Robert Dallek notes the deep impression Guns had on Kennedy. He often quoted from it and wanted "every officer in the Army" to read it as well. Subsequently, "The secretary of the Army sent copies to every U.S. military base in the world. Kennedy drew from The Guns of August to help in dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis and the profound and unpredictable implications a rapid escalation of the situation could have.

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