Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Beijing Conspiracy

The Beijing Conspiracy
The Beijing Conspiracy
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The countdown has begun... The message on the Al-Jazeera television network is chilling. Dr Muhammad Bashir, the mastermind behind some of al-Qaeda's most deadly bombings against the West and a close confidant of Osama Bin Laden, has warned of a single horrific biological attack on civilization. There is no cure for what al-Qaeda threatens to unleash, and there are no vaccines. The White House has dismissed the broadcast as scaremongering, and the President has reasserted his position that the West is winning the war on terror.

Denzel O'Connor, the CIA's most experienced counter-terrorism expert, knows the President is bluffing. Holly Braithwaite, a brilliant young Australian biochemist, has already revealed how a deadly super virus can be genetically engineered. Now, not only has Holly Braithwaite shattered the Presidential Administration's complacency, but several vials of the deadly viruses are missing. O'Connor suspects the vials have found their way into the hands of al-Qaeda - but where are they?

Bashir believes that the best place to unleash his final biological attack on a corrupt, materialistic and sexually depraved human race is a city which, for a short window of time, will attract millions of visitors who can take a super virus back to countless cities, towns and villages across the planet. His ultimate target: the Beijing Olympics.

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